Hod Packaging – Advanced Storage and Packaging Solutions

Hod Packaging provides its clients with some of the world’s most advanced storage and packaging solutions, we specialize in producing packaging solutions, importing unique products, procurement solutions, land transports and more. We accompany the end client from the stages of product development and through all the way. We invite you to join our clientele

Our Services

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Procurement Planning

We specialize in procurement planning in the field of packaging, while considering our client's needs and market forces

ייבוא מוצרי אריזה


While using international connections and expertise, we provide answer to our clients in importing unique packaging products.

תכנון רכש בתחום האריזה


Hod Packaging specializes in producing effective solutions for the packaging array

פיתוח פתרונות אריזה

Product Development

We accompany the client in developing unique packaging solutions from the development stage and up to the point of marketing to the end client



We work hard on developing market opportunities, entrepreneurship, putting together and realizing business ideas while allocating organizational resources

Land Transport

Using our subsidiary's services, we provide answer for land transport for the clients, from the factory and up to the final stage

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Among Our Clients

Each client enjoys from personal attention, immaculate professionalism and excellence at work.